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Kidscape After School Club is competitively priced and offer a discount of 25% to siblings. On registering your child at KIDSCAPE After School Club all parents are required to pay a registration fee of £25.00 to secure the child’s place at the club. This fee is non-refundable and is not deductible from your weekly fee.
On starting at the club you will pay a two week deposit plus your weekly fee in advance, the two week deposit will remain on your account until you give two weeks’ notice prior you leaving or if we give you notice, at which point your deposit will be used to cover payments for your last two weeks at the club, if however two weeks’ notice is not given prior to you leaving the club, the deposit is not returned.
All Registered days are to be paid for in full each week, regardless of non attendance and or school closures for any reason.
Payment can be made in cash,cheque,direct debt,standing order or bill payment. All initial payments must be made in advance of starting,if you are unable to come in, in person payment can be sent to our postal address: Kidscape After School Club,
50 Larman Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 6QN
Weekly Fees Term Time
Registration Fee                   £25.00
Second Child (Sibling)           £18.75
Weekly Fee per child            £50.00
Second Child (Sibling)           £37.50
Per Session                           £10.50
Second Child (Sibling)            £ 7.87
Late Notification of
Sickness or Absence              £10.50
Weekly Fees School Holidays
Adv                 Not Adv
Holiday Club weekly fee      £90.00            £110.00
Second Child (Sibling)          £67.50            £82.50
Holiday Club Per Session      £19.60            £23.00
Second Child (Sibling)          £14.70            £17.25
Late Notification of
Sickness or Absence             £19.60            £23.00
Holiday Club
Holiday Club is offered at our club located at the Risley Avenue Primary School only, all children are welcome those that attend our clubs at our other sites and parents that only require holiday club are all welcome. Just come in and complete a holiday booking form at anyone of our sites, or if you prefer request one on our contact us page.
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